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  • Prior to joining Nterway Partners, Soohyang Park has worked at HSBC, a foreign-affiliated bank, for 27 years and experienced overall banking business including PB and HR. Based on her expert knowledge, delicate sense and wide financial network, consultant Soohyang Park has the ability to recommend the best talents in the financial field to the client companies from executive to manager level, including CEO. Due to her work experience at foreign bank, she has a comprehensive understanding of the banking business and card capital. Thus in the headhunting field, she definitely has shown outstanding capability and performance at insurance and securities industry. Through collaborative searching among insurance specialist consultants, Nterway has the infrastructure to recommend talented candidates. Therefore, Nterway has received positive evaluations from client companies such as AIG, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Samsung Life Insurance Co., Hanwha Life Insurance Co., PCA, LINA Financial Service Co., IBK Pension Insurance, Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Co. and etc. Soohyang Park, a leading financial consultant with project managing experience and a wide network of securities business CEOs, has a deep understanding of capital market and securities business. Therefore, by far her ability to identify and recommend the "market best" of the securities industry receives high evaluation.

    Core Philosophy and Values: Under the motto "awakening the giant in you," in order to create the best performance, one always need to do their best even in little things.

    Soohyang Park's core philosophy and value is to gain candidates' and client companies' trust. Mrs. Park's way of building trust with a client company is by finding and recommending suitable candidates by considering client company's overall demand such as its' culture, growth strategy, type of talent, competency requisite for a job and etc. Moreover, her way of gaining trust with a candidate is by providing opportunities to maximize candidate's competency based on valuable career consulting.

    Consultant Soohyang Park successfully recommends executive-level talents' of strategy, IB, trading, FinTech, Big Data field of affiliated stock firms and big to small and medium sized stock firms. Moreover, she not only expertly provides professional manpower of PB, financial accounting, risk, marketing and CRM area but also recommends highly skilled manpower of strategic planning, IT, management sectors' of insurance, card, consulting, asset manager, bank and accounting firm that are the necessity for a promising field of finance business. Furthermore, her ability in recommending experts of strategic planning, marketing and web design field of bio, hotel, distribution, housing, manufacturing, advertising agencies are evaluated to be the best in terms of job suitability, customer satisfaction and timeliness.
  • Consultant Hong has been promoting the enterprise media for 12 years with a variety of projects and categories including credit card, automotive finance, personal finance, corporate finance, housing finance, policy finance and insurance. Based on the insights of finance, he has a proficient understanding of all the job description of banking business such as financial instrument planning, funding, bond, marketing, sales, CS, IT and etc.

    At the largest domestic portal site, by representing the career contents marketing team, he has had an expert knowledge of trend and peculiarity of HR market. As working as a product manager in large enterprise consumer goods company, from product develop to advertisement, public relation, marketing, sales and distribution, he has managed to handle a whole process of product launch, and through this, he has had a broader view of company's core activities.

    With diverse experience and insights in various industries, he has proactive skills of recommending the right person for the job required by the clients.

    Consultant Hong, who values authenticity the most, is becoming as a trusted consultant to both clients and candidates. In particular, he is performing as a win-win career consultant by maximizing the intersection of clients and candidates, and by sublimating the maximum value into a common value.

    He knows the needs of businesses better than anyone else through his long experience, so he can proactively identify and present their concerns and needs. In addition, he excels at finding and matching valid values among the candidates' intrinsic values.

    He was a marketing communication specialist who has been involved in advertising, promotion, CSR and marketing for more than 20 years in various companies such as Hyundai Card, Hyundai Capital, Daum Communication(Kakao Corp.), Thrunet, etc. Due to the nature of business, he had many opportunities to collaborate with opinion leaders and varied organizations as a generalist. When he was at Hyundai Card, he was selected as an outstanding employee and received a staff award.
  • consultant Yunwon Jeong has 17 years of experience in various industries. He led the success of Korean movie, Nut Job, in Hollywood, led the launch of clothing brands, and continued to work in licensing business, distribution, and marketing of various brands.

    He is able to understand the needs of the client with a variety of experiences in domestic and foreign companies. He has the ability to find suitable candidates who match companies' demands, as well as teh ability to identify the current situation of industry and predict the future trends.

    Specialized in finance, media, distribution, fashion etc.
  • I continue to develop myself and strive to be a professional consultant as I have been recommending candidates in the consumer, finance, pharmaceutical and IT industry. Due to changing environments I try to provide services where I can recommend candidates at C-level and director levels.

    To recommend candidates in the banking industry a rational approach is needed and with a background in emotional marketing I provide in-depth communication so I can connect with candidates and clients. Despite an overload of information relating to recruitment, my aim is to be a memorable consultant only with a single meeting.

    Based on my experience in major advertising agencies as product and PR marketing I can correctly analyze and recognize the needs of companies and candidates, due to this I believe I can fulfill the gap and recommend the best suited candidates.

    Specialize in H&B, Financial Investment, Advertisement/Public Relations(PR), Consulting, Pharmaceutical/Biology/Biotechnology, F&B
  • Consultant Won Yong-sik has 21 years of experience in various fields including PB, branch manager, research analyst, business promotion, marketing, and planning at Daewoo and Mirae Asset Securites. Additionally, he continues to make efforts to secure talent where demand will grow in the future without missing changes and trends in the financial industry as a whole. In particular, based on his high intelligence of the financial industry and the know-how gained from working in major departments of large companies, he has achieved satisfactory results from both customers and candidates by sincerely approaching them and by trying to play a role that suits their needs. As a consultant, he tries to guide people who believe that the dreamer is beautiful.

    As a consultant, Won Yon-sik’s goal is to help the client and the candidate to straight forwardly express the truth without any misleading information. He believes that gaining trust from customers and candidates is the most important value, and wants to build reliable consulting by providing accurate information about candidates and delivering clear customer needs to candidates. On the other hand, with a sincere and empathetic attitude, he would like to provide ideal consulting to clients with appropriate ideas for organization building and talent matching, and various advices for candidates to upgrade their careers.

    Specialize in Finance, Financial Investment, Education/Private Institution/Cultural Service, Digital Finance, Consulting/Research/Laboratory, Portal/Contents/Internet
  • As a consultant with a high understanding of research institutes and professionals, Look into and analyze market trends based on an experience in various industries to provide appropriate services. In charge of planning and operating new businesses of growing companies and understands the A to Z of business progress, so it is possible to recommend and manage customized talent.

    Considering the Client company`s organizational culture, vision, and growth goals, Can recommend the best talent to continue the company`s development. Candidates will be supported with career plan management through consulting that can help them design their careers and provide satisfaction.

    Have an experience to work in advancement of management TFT work at NIA(National Information Society Agency, an IT-affiliated public institution) and data management work at Seoul System, an IT company, and planning and marketing at Unieljet Airlines, a VIP private jet and chartered flight company. In charge of vocational counseling and introduction at the Simon Coop, which is a social enterprise, operated, managed, talent-related government projects and conducted consulting for start-ups / career plan.

    Specialize in Consulting/Research/Laboratory, Professionals, Distribution(Off-line), Public Institution, Travel/Leisure/Sports, Internet Shopping Mall/E-commerce/Online Shopping/Home Shopping
  • Consultant semi has worked in the insurance industry for more than 10 years and has a high understanding and expertise in the industry. Experience various customer and consignee management and has smooth communication skills. Through various work experiences in the field, she will understand and recommend suitable talent required by the company to provide high-quality services.

    As a consultant connecting companies and talent, the goal is to find the candidate`s jewel-like value and to ensure that the company and the candidate`s expectations are aligned. With the thought that every candidates have potential, she will strengthen the strengths of candidates according to the talent and qualification requirements that companies want, compensate for their weaknesses, look at them from various angles, and communicate to provide consulting that both companies and candidates.

    For 12 years, she worked for KB Damage Assessment and Heungkuk Fire & Marine Insurance, which are insurance industries, and was in charge of compensation planning, compensation quality management, and compensation. She is an insurance expert who has expertise in damage assessment and data analysis and has experience in managing various customers and consignors.

    Specialize in Finance, Financial Investment, Digital Finance, Consulting/Research/Laboratory, Professionals, DT/AI/Big Data/Cloud